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Christopher Tucker: Music Gallery


(for wind symphony)
2007 • Estimated timing: 14'30" • Grade 5
Legends pays ‘grand’ tribute to three music educators of supreme devotion to the Grand Island Central School District. Works over history have been inspired by individuals who have fulfilled a great service to their community. Sherman Lyke, Clarke Elliott and Allan Ripley are fine examples, as they have utilized their knowledge to assist and guide students down a path of musical and academic excellence.

The composer writes, “Under the auspices of Martin Allen and the Grand Island Senior High School Band Program, I was commissioned to write a wind work in three movements with each movement honoring a retiring band director. Sherman E. Lyke inspired the first movement with his energy and conviction to the music community. Brass calls pervade the movement Prelude to Sel drawing on Mr. Lyke’s own instrument, the trumpet, as a dominant color. Soliloquy “C.S.E” is dedicated to Clarke S. Elliott and features a composition of duality: the double reeds convey a beautiful solo inspired by the lyricism of Ralph Vaughan-Williams (a composer whom Mr. Elliott greatly admires) and surrounding these unabashed romantic lines are musical calls spelling Mr. Elliott’s initials C-S (as F)-E. The third movement Ripley’s Jollity was inspired by Allan Ripley, an elementary band director full of humor and practical jokes. Although a bit of a stretch in regard to the dedicatee, the movement depicts a classroom full of innocent fourth and fifth graders going awry. The movement begins and ends with the theme sounding much like a nursery rhyme – played by Mr. Ripley’s instrument, the clarinet. A year after the premiere of the three movements, I decided a fourth movement was appropriate, dedicated not only to the commissioning conductor, Martin Allen, but to all the future 'grand' legends of music education. The title Ad Futurum Saeculum in Latin translates 'to a future age'.”

Legends was commissioned by the Grand Island High School Bands (Grand Island, NY), Martin Allen, director.