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Christopher Tucker: Music Gallery


(for wind symphony)
2009 • Estimated timing: 2'45" • Grade 5
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[Recording featuring the combined bands of Ithaca College Concert Band and Horseheads High School Wind Ensemble, Mark Fonder, cond.]

Cement 13 was commissioned by the Horseheads High School Wind Ensemble, Horseheads, NY, Art Carichner, conductor.

The composer writes, "Directors from Ithaca College and Horseheads High School have long collaborated and share close friendships. The cities of Ithaca and Horseheads, NY are separated by twenty-five miles of asphalt known as Highway 13. It is the drive on this highway, which has inspired this symphonic fanfare for winds, Cement 13. My basis for this fanfare is the twelve-tone technique, creating a twelve-tone row with the addition of a second dominant tone to the first pitch. This forms a thirteen-note motive which becomes the 'motor' of the piece. Another element of inspiration is the concept of cement - a binding substance, which sets and hardens independently, and can bind other materials together. Its most widely known application is the creation of concrete for road and building construction. I musically depict cement with aleatoric motives 'binding' together to form cohesive blocked chords, prevalent in the opening of the fanfare."